A whole new Adventure Awaits on August 24th!

When the sun sets and the stars sparkle above, Pixie Dust Dash lights up the night with excitement and wonder! From the creators of MouseAdventure comes a brand-new game that transforms nighttime at the park into a playground of fun and adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the thrill of discovery, this game promises an experience that will challenge you in a whole new way. Explore remote corners of the park, uncover hidden treasures, and strategically navigate through the resort as fireworks (and Mickey’s imagination) light up the night.

Pixie Dust Dash is an exciting team-based game designed for two players. To participate, at least one member of your team needs a smartphone with internet access (using in-park WiFi is acceptable). Teams will embark on a thrilling adventure across Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Park, aiming to complete a set of challenges within a 3-hour timeframe.

An incomplete challenge will add 30 minutes to your finish time, while finding the location of eye-spys will shave 10 minutes off your total time. It’s all about strategy and trade offs.

Get ready to dash through Disneyland, tackle challenges, and uncover hidden surprises in this exhilarating race against the clock!

Registration begins on Tuesday, July 2nd, with a team fee of $80. Secure your spot early to avoid the price increase in August!